Collection: Scrunchies

Let us introduce you to the on-trend item of the moment: the scrunchie! A scrunchie is an elastic band with a piece of fabric around it. You can wear them in your hair, but also around your wrist as a bracelet

Scrunchies are ideal if you don't want to wear your hair loose. You can use a scrunchie to make a ponytail or bun, and to put your hair up halfway. 

Did you know that scrunchies are better for your hair than traditional hair elastics with a piece of metal in it? Your hair gets stuck to the metal, so it breaks easily. This is not the case with scrunchies, because there is a soft fabric around the elastic. Super soft for your hair in other words!

Discover our extensive collection of scrunchies below. There are only a few pieces of each design. So hurry up before they're gone forever!

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