Press Release - March '22

Anna De Ceulaer is a young entrepreneurial Antwerp actress who recently founded her own one-woman label 'Dress To Finesse'.

The atelier of Dress To Finesse is located in an old ham drying factory in the center of Antwerp. You will be able to find unique handmade earrings in clay in two variations: for those with and without ear piercings. Anna designs eye-catching jewelry that lifts your style and outfit to a new unique level.

Her inspiration comes from the extravagant zeitgeist of the sixties with organic shapes and strong colors. The earrings are extremely lightweight and can be worn all day long without any discomfort.

The earrings in her first collection were given the names of Anna's close friends. "To make my collection even more personal, each piece was named after a friend whose individual style best matched the design."

The designs are made for those who want to highlight their own personality and style and dare to show who they are. You are allowed to stand out and have fun with Dress To Finesse's statement earrings. Each piece of jewelry is like a small piece of art and represents the collaboration between the person wearing it and Anna as the designer.

Dress To Finesse's jewels are meant to be seen: they are "little gems" that make a big impression. Or in Anna's words, "It's all in the details, so make them big and fun!".

At Dress To Finesse you can not only find unique earrings, but also rings, hairpins and eco-friendly interior objects. In short, Dress To Finesse is the new web store for original gifts for yourself and your loved ones.


Anna De Ceulaer in her Dress To Finesse studio in Antwerp Belgium

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