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Looking for unique earrings but want to keep it small? Delicate stud earrings totally fit the minimalist aesthetic. In fact, they are not too noticeable, and thus perfect if you are looking for small but still delicate earrings. Because of their small size they will not get stuck on a mouth mask or scarf, so they are extra comfortable because they are never in the way! Do you have multiple ear holes? Then combine for example a minimalist stud with a slightly more striking earring with freshwater pearls for an extra unique look. You can infinitely mix and match as you wish! 

Our stud earrings are handmade, so you'll only find them here. Small, one-of-a-kind earrings guaranteed! Shop our wide selection of elegant studs in different sizes and colors below.

Looking for unique, handmade earrings to differentiate yourself? Do you want to add a touch of finesse to your look? Dress To Finesse has got you covered! Discover our wide range of earrings, from minimalist earrings to colorful statement earrings.

Most earrings have multiple color options so you are able to find those that are meant to be yours.

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